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Gardenscape- How to enjoy the game deeply

Gardenscape- How to enjoy the game deeply

Entertainment is part of our complicated life. If you are game lover then you should know about this game. This game is match-3puzzle game. It is free to play and released by playrix which is available for IOS, android, mac, os as well as facebook. It was published on August 2016 and more than 7 million users play each day. In 2016, facebook named game of the year.

It is well developed storyline and every level has goal. You have to complete the chapter then you can earn coins. It contents number of chapters. When any person complete their match-3 level then he starts to earn progress and reach to next level. They can use coins to decorate their mansion. But it’s not easy task as it seems. Here are some tips and tricks that every beginner should know before playing these game.


Remember the game rules-

Every game has some rules, this game also come with some conditions you have to follow them in order to succeed. When you lose each life, you will have to wait half an hour but if you want that life free & immediately. You can ask to their facebook friends for free life when any user didn’t find any facebook friend who plays the game and user didn’t feel secure to invite any person. The best way to find any player you should open Google play or App store then check the comment section or review section in the post.

How to complete objectives-

In this game, stars and life is the most beneficial thing, because in long term if you have more life you will earn more points. When you complete some stages, then game challenges you. You have to complete two or three goals at the same time it will become quite hard to achieve. There are some quick tips and tricks which will help you to play as much as difficult levels. You will get many goals each day you should focus on rainbow blast power –up and try to collect them.


Use Date & time for more lives-

·         Actually, it is possible to get unlimited life in game by changing just date and time.

·         If you are using IOS I recommended don’t waste your time by using these trick it is not available on IOS.

·         Android users should try Gardenscapes Cheats when they change date/time zone or forward time from am to pm he will able to get many more chances.

Check in daily spin if you didn’t have much time-

Free spin is facility which is available for every player each day after 12’oclock. When you spin it guarantees you’re account fulfill with money or power blasters & many chances. So if you don’t have much time to play game. You can get spare minute to spin wheel. Well, it will beneficial for player because he can store some blasters and free chances for upcoming difficult stages.

Coins most important thing/sale-

When you reach to difficult chapters you need extra lives so with the help of money user can buy free chances which costs 900 coins for per refill or (if you want to purchase online $1).

If you want to buy coins I recommended don’t purchase directly from app store. While playing, you will randomly get the offer, don’t purchase from first offer, much worthwhile better deals are waiting for you. The best sale we’ve seen 12000 coins and 3 blaster in just (0.99$). After 2-3 days we’ve got 12000 and 3 blasters in 6.00$ sometime you have to wait for better deals.

Don’t waste time/money on garden tasks-

Many of the garden tasks consume time and cost moreover, if you want to build fountain for example, it will take 2 hour and 2 stars twice 4 hour and 4 stars. Player can spend coins to bypass there time limit but there’s no profit.  I suggest user save their lives for match-3 levels.

Only pay for continue-

When you fail a level, game will introduce to you option to add five moves for 900 coins. This will continue your game as you just left it. We suggest you buying continue if you know you can have power to complete level within five moves.



Things to know about Simcity Buildit

Things to know about Simcity Buildit

Simcity Buildit is a wonderful game where you can create your own city and have great fun. There is no need to get bored with the traditional games where you have to keep running all the time. Here in this game you can be very creative and make things which are also useful in the real life. In simple words, you can give new wings to your creativity and be popular.

Amazing features and activities

The best part is that graphical features and other aspects of the game are so real that you will feel that you are doing it in the real world. Every aspect of creating a beautiful city is covered in it. The player will be dealing with the various issue of the city and has to be responsible for the overall development of the city.

The other most important thing that you will find in Simcity Buildit is production work. In order to create the city, there are a lots of items needed in it. In order to run the construction work smoothly the player is expected to produce many things quickly. By doing it, he will be able to get the supply for the various things on time.

Get indulge in trade

The game of Simcity Buildit game is very interesting. Trading activities are also available to do in it. You can also make the sale of the things that you are producing in the factories. By doing this, you can also gain a huge number of gaming currency, more info about this.

Start Earning

The gaming currency can be spent on the more useful things to do. This process will also increase the overall wealth and will help you to level up your gaming world of Simcity Buildit. By you should be very careful with the spending money and make the decision wisely because the process of earning money will not be easy, but you can use SimCity Buildit Cheats and get more surrencies for free.


Beneficial Tips For Playing The FIFA Mobile Properly

Beneficial Tips For Playing The FIFA Mobile Properly

The games are considered as a perfect source of entertainment. With the help of games, they are trying to spend free time with lots of enjoyment. It can be possible if they are engaged with the best game from official page. The FIFA Mobile is a good option, which can help you in getting proper entertainment and sports-related experience. In the game, they need to follow different types of things for a better gameplay. If you want to dominate all other players and hold a good position on the leaderboard then pay attention to below-mentioned tips.

Pass the ball

When you are on the ground and facing the opponents at that time you should try to keep passing the ball. Many players are not considering its way and keep the ball with only one player. Due to the mistake, the game-plan of players may be detected. As a result, the opponent can break it and build a big score against you. In case you are passing the ball properly then no one can identify the technique or strategy and you can dominate them.

Do Practice

If you want to win all types of matches then the players need to use better skills. By it, they are able to play the game easily and defeat the opponents. Here the question appears how to improve the skills. There are different types of modes available in the game. With it, the game is also featured with single-player mode. The mode is helpful in identifying lots of things and doing lots of practice. More practice you have more, more your skills get polished.

Choose the players carefully

The team building is completely in the hands of players. The players are required to choose all team characters or players wisely. For it, they need to focus on the players’ stats and their efficiency. Another important thing is the position. In case you do not recruit a required player on the correct position. If you do not pay attention to the position then you may face lots of issues. These issues may become a reason for getting defeated in the match.

Upgrade the team properly

For getting proper and regular success in the game, the players are required to upgrade the characters. Here the players need to choose the character wisely which they are going to upgrade. By it, you are able to spend currency carefully and avoid its misuse by using Fifa Mobile Cheats.