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India’ s largest producer of tea is assam. We all know that from it’s inception. These kind of tea production is grown in hilly areas, at a sea level heights. The tea of assam is called the black tea and it is so strong and everyone’s favorite of assam. It’s known and famous for its color and it’s richness. The assam tea helps in many benefits. The main advantages of assam tea is, it doesn’t contain caffeine unlike the morning black coffee Many people try to keep themselves awake and make them over stressed. This makes them to have a cup of hot coffee, which makes their mind alert and keep the stress and sleepiness for a while and make them work. But, the thing is due to high caffeine content in the coffee, it make you feel addicted to it’s taste and at a later stage you’ll forget sleeping and you get the problem of insomnia. This makes you quiet restless at the other half of the day.

 Assam tea, have its best benefits which gives you even and feel even stronger than the morning coffee which you drink with caffeine content in it. This assam tea has lots of carbohydrates, proteins, energy vitamins like vitamin etc. The assam tea have some kind of ingredients that also prevents a person from getting cancer. The black tea of assam also helps you in preventing from getting lung cancers, strokes and other internal diseases like sudden heart attacks etc. which is more common in coffee drinkers. The other form of disease it cures is, the cardiovascular disease. It is especially helpful for women, regarding the arteries getting harden. This assam tea helps in preventing from happening from such things. Generally, daily 4 cups could be a good thing and serves better, especially for women.

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