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Clash Of Kings- A Brief Guide For Beginners 

Clash of Kings is the best strategy game with ultimate wars, kingdoms, and castle. It is a highly played game and trending on the Play Store and App store. You play the role of king, and you have to win the battles to save your citizens from enemies. It is created by the Elex Wireless Company, and you can meet enemies here. It is the online game, and you have to connect the phone with the internet to play it with friends.

In the game there are many different features are available, and here I am giving you all the information about the Clash of Kings.


  • You can participate in the big events with the thousands of strangers.
  • It is better for you to upgrade the dragons in the early stages to make your army stronger.
  • Use the multiplayer mode to show your skills to your online friends.
  • Make your empire powerful and fight against the enemy castle to earn the extra points.
  • Participate in the MMO battles and make the best strategy to become the winner.
  • Use your best players on the battlefield to save your empire from the dangers enemies.

In Clash of Kings Hack, you can fight in the massive wars and missions to earn the upgrades of dragons and attacks.

Make a better strategy 

If you are going to a battle, then it is your responsibility to choose the best soldiers. Don’t spend the money on early battles and try to use the weak and strong both players for the team. Players should spend the time on the training of the army. It helps you to learn the new attacks easily.

Attack the weak players first

It is easy for you to kill the weak players in starting because by doing this you can collect the new items quickly. If you think the opponent doesn’t know about you and they, don’t have any powers, and then kill them without wasting time. Moreover, first, you should know about that player by following them and get the information about their attacks.

On the other hand, find the new players to kill them easily, because they don’t have any experience and powers to fight with you. Work hard to up your level by playing the game. Take help from the new weapons and an upgraded team.

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