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Episode: Choose Your Story – Customize Your Story’s Characters

Episode: Choose Your Story – Customize Your Story’s Characters

If you are kind of person who likes to create different stories then you should try the game called Episode: Choose your story. Basically, this game includes all those features which you did not get in any other game. Before installing the game makes sure you must be 13 years old. If your age is from thirteen to seventeen then you need to take permission from your parents in order to publish your story. Well, it is really important because a sometime youngster uses the offensive content into their stories which may put a bad effect on other people.

What kinds of stories will I get in a game?

Basically, it is really a reputed game, therefore, there are lots of stories are available on the market. Well, there is no need to spend the money on anywhere. However, you need to unlock the locked episodes of the tales. It doesn’t mean that we are able to spend the passes every time because some episodes are totally free. If you are a beginner then try to find out the different ideas in order to grab more and more passes. Instead of the gems, you need to concentrate on the passes because it is the secondary currency. Here are some unique examples of stories you will find out in the game.

•         Comedy

•         Mystery

•         Romance

•         Drama

•         Fantasy

Well, players of the game are able to create and publish these stories on all entire concepts. Therefore, if you are a beginner then you can also easily start working one of this topic and able to publish your story in order being famous in the virtual world. Episode Choose Your Story Hack.


If we talk about the clothing then they are kinds of items which are available in the feature in stories. Basically, story-writing contains scripts which give an opportunity to a reader to change the clothing of the character in the story. This option is really unique so you can easily customize every small character of your story in order to make it attention seeker. Furthermore, there is the option called Writing Portal. There are various kinds of cloths are available in the shop that you can use for customizing.

Clothing catalog for classic

You are able to choose all these clothes from the section for different characters.

•         Black Pleated shorts – shorts

•         Blue flats – shoes

•         White flats – shoes

•         Brown faux leather purse – accessories

•         Tan pleated shorts – shorts

•         Delicate bracelet – accessories

Well, you are able to choose one of these clothes for your characters. This is the best and effective option for those people who are looking for the best game. Some people don’t understand the use of gems so they can easily check out the beginner guide online. Even there are many experienced players those shared their tips and tricks for beginners which you can check online.

Nonetheless, there are lots of things which you should know before publishing the story on the game so read the terms and conditions in Episode wiki with proper attention that will help you enhance your knowledge.