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Homescapes – Choice Of Top Players!

Developers of the Homescapes are earning so much popularity after developing it. Basically, you can download the game on iOS devices as well as on the Android. Once thing that you must keeps in mind the game is totally free to play so you should enjoy the Homescapes on the smart phone anytime and anywhere. Basically, players will find the puzzles and match-3 levels which they need to clear in order to earn the points as well as other currencies of the game. As everybody knows that the currencies always matters in the game so if you are taking advantages of Homescapes cheats, then it will keep you rich in game.

What is the Rainbow Ball?

In the puzzles, there are various kinds of power-ups and Rainbow is one of them. Similarly, if you are going to play the game, they can easily create the Rainbow ball by matching five tiles in column or row. It would be really supportive for you, so simply play the game by using the power-ups that have the ability to remove lots of tiles quickly. In addition to this, the player can easily obtain many tiles of single color then this great power-up will automatically prove supportive for you.

Use the bomb

Instead of Rainbow ball, you can easily use the bomb that is a really powerful option you for destroying the tiles. When a player makes a shape of L by matching five tiles, then it will automatically support you to create the Bomb. Nevertheless, people blindly trust in the outcomes of Homescapes cheats while earning the currencies of the game.


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