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Toon Blast – To Know Basis Guidelines for Beginners


There are numerous popular games available in Google play store; Toon Blast is one among them, because of many reasons behind this scenario. The whole game is based on the puzzle as Candy Crush, but it brought for you some own unique features. There are many types of fun activities also include in the game, like Saturday morning cartoon theme, and many more, so children can play the game with interest, not only this but also have some challenges that you complete in the game for some exclusive bonuses and rewards in the form of currency.

Some Basic Tips and Tricks 

1. How to Get More Lives – If you are a beginner in this game, I will describe to you some mandatory information. First of all, when you play the game first time, Toon Blast gives you five lives. As long as you beat more levels, you won’t lose your life, but the player always has to know that, if a player fails to beat it, then, one life is taken away. If gamers want to enjoy the game more than before, so they can use Toon Blast Cheats for unlimited lives without spending the currency or any reward in Toon Blast.

2. Create your team – If you win the level 20, you will be able to join a group. It is a challenging task to create your team because it cost lots of coins and there won’t be any guarantee that you will get teammates right having sharp-minded. I suggest to you. It’s better to join an existing team to avoid wasting your valuable coins.

Final Words

Conclusion, gamers always play the game with their sharp mind without wasting time in the game. If any player wants to take more rewards and bonuses to complete the challenges, then they should use Toon Blast Cheats for unlimited currency.